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Buhrke’s Pet Resort has several training programs available for you and your dog in & around Southern Arizona. Please use the following details to best select the training that fits your needs and the needs of your pet.

Our Goal: Buhrke’s Pet Resort is dedicated to creating safe, well-behaved pets that are a joy to be around for everyone’s pleasure!

Rattlesnake Training: A one day seminar that could save your dog’s life!  Our training keeps your dog away from the danger of rattlesnakes.  Includes one free follow-up session in the same calendar year.

Rattlesnake training season is coming to a close for the year. But remember, rattlesnakes can be out anytime of the year since they don’t hibernate they simply get too cold to move.

We only have a couple of classes left. Last class is Saturday 11/2/19. Private trainings still available as weather/temperature permits. (please email or call us to schedule) We will start classes again in February or March depending on weather/Temperatures, so be on the lookout for our new calendar/class dates. Thanks for protecting your pets.

Obedience Training: Basic 30 day on leash training program. This comprehensive program enables you to leave your dog in our hands and provides you with rest and relaxation while your dog learns to heel, sit, sit-stay, down, down-stay, back to a sit, then from six feet out in front of dog, he will lay back down then come when called. At the end of 30 days, we instruct you on how to command your dog. Once you have mastered these techniques, your dog is ready to depart for home. This training also includes discussions on health, diet and nutrition. Problems that arise with your pet will also be discussed. This training also includes 3 follow-up lessons that can be used at anytime to help you brush up on any of your pet’s training.

One on One Obedience Training: An alternative to leaving your dog with us would be a one-on-one hour long private lessons. We will teach you & your dog the basic commands and give you the knowledge on how to handle your dog at home where you will practice each exercise 15 minutes a day. These convenient lessons are set by your schedule.

Progressive Advanced Obedience Lessons: Our progressive Advanced Obedience Lessons will give your dog a deeper knowledge and understanding of discipline and obedience. These strategic lessons will assure you of greater control of your dog in difficult situations. This is a pay as you go program, that enables you to take as many lessons as needed, at your own convenience.

Behavior Modification: Feeling like you need protection from your dog? Or, maybe it’s just that your dog has gnawed through your favorite shoes once too many times.  Whatever the problem behavior, Buhrke’s Training can help.  We specialize in eliminating unwanted behaviors so you can enjoy your dog.

One of the most important behaviors we find in problem dogs is dominant dog syndrome. If your dog seems to think that it owns the place and you are merely a food producer and door opener, you may have a dominant dog. See if this sounds familiar:

Begs at table

Hogs the bed

Growls at you

Eats food off table/counters

Hogs favorite chair

Bites you

Scratches doors

Growls or bites when fed

“Marks” territory

If your dog does some or all of these things, you could have a dominant dog problem. Buhrke’s Training will modify your dog’s behavior and then show you what you need to know to prevent these behaviors from coming back. Contact us by e-mail or give us a call if you have any questions.

Normal Business hours are: Monday – Saturday 8am – 5pm. Sunday 10am – 3 pm.