Pick-up & Drop-off Policy 2019-07-10T05:31:53+00:00

Normal Business Hours are Monday – Saturday 8am – 5pm. Sunday 8am – 3pm.

Please note: Due to holiday observances no drop offs or pick ups will be available on any major holiday. Please make your bookings with this in mind. Thank you. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience.

Pick-up time is 12:00 noon.

Per day rate covers your pet to stay at our facility until 12:00 noon on the date you specify to pick-up. You will be charged for an additional day if you choose to pick-up your pet after 12:00 noon.


For pick-up or drop-off outside of normal business hours (except on major holidays as no pick up or drop off is available) there will be a $25 CASH ONLY FEE. This service is available at the discretion of employees at Buhrke’s Pet Resort.

We thank you for your understanding.