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Please note: Due to holiday observances no drop offs or pick ups will be available on Christmas Day 12/25 or New Years day 1/1. Please make your bookings with this in mind. Thank you. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience.

Welcome to our online reservation system for our larger runs, the Grande Suites. These suites are perfect for larger dogs.  They measure 8×6 ft inside and 8×12 fit outside.

Here’s how to make your reservation:

  1. Choose the dates you would like to book on the calendar below.
  2. Below the calendar you will see options for adding multiple suites if you have several dogs.
  3. OR our frugal clients can choose one suite and add up to four dogs to that suite in the “Extras” section.**
  4. You can also choose to add walks and cots in the “Extras” section.
  5. Fill out your contact information.
  6. Provide detailed instruction on care/feeding/medications.

**If you are adding multiple dogs to one suite, you may want to call us to determine if one suite is suitable, based on the size, activity and number of dogs.