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What brand of dog food/cat food do you feed?

• Dogs are fed Victor Professional Chicken & Rice.

• Cats are fed Hill’s Science Diet.

How often do you feed?

• It depends upon your pet’s normal schedule whether you normally feed once or twice a day.

Can I bring my own food?

• Yes! We know that many of our furry friends can be finicky or sensitive to changes in diet, so if we will be happy to feed them what ever you like.

What if my pet requires medications during boarding?

• Please let us know your pet’s medication schedule and we’ll make sure that your pet gets their medication on schedule at no extra cost.

Do you have a vet on call if my pet should become sick?

• Yes, we have a vet on call 24 hours per day. If your pet should become ill during their stay, we will first try to get them to your personal vet first. If they cannot be see them, or it is after hours, we will use our vet.

How far in advance does my pet need the Bordatella shot?

• A minimum of 2 days prior to arriving for boarding is best.

What is my dog’s general daily routine at Buhrke’s Pet Resort?

• Each dog has a run that’s 4X6 inside and 4X12 outside.  The inside is climate controlled.  We offer walks for an additional $4/day and beds for an additional $3/day.

Does my dog have access to the outside on a regular basis?

• Yes. All runs are indoor/outdoor.  While indoors, each dog enjoys a comfortable, air-conditioned or heated room. We also have supervised outdoor time in our 100′ x 80′ play area is also available for $4 per session.

How often do you feed the dogs?

• We try to keep your pet on the same feeding schedule they are on at home. We generally feed morning and night, however we will gladly accommodate up to 3 daily feedings for your pet.

May I visit your location in advance?

• Absolutely! Come visit us anytime! We just ask that you observe our regular business hours. For new customers we encourage people to take advantage of our “get acquainted” visit, where you can also bring your pet and leave them any amount of time between 8am-5pm at no cost. This way you can see how they react in our kennel environment before you leave them when you go on your trip!

I have other questions not covered here.

• If you have other questions or comments, please e-mail us. Our e-mail address is sbuhrke@gmail.com